What You Should Know About Garage Door Dimensions

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Know About Your Garage Door Dimensions

You’re thinking of building a new house and you’d like it to have a beautiful garage. It’s an important component of your home, and is more than being a place where the vehicles are placed. This is the case in the event that you’re just planning to remodel your old house and include your garage as part of the remodeling.

In all cases, you’ll have to understand a few things regarding garage doors prior to making a decision. The most prominent one is the various size garage doors. It’s likely that you’ve heard that with regards to garage doors there are sizes that are common. It’s essential to be aware of the standard size and the best way to measure the size whether you’re building a brand new house or renovating. Here’s the information you require to be aware of about the sizes of garage doors.

About Standard Garage Door Sizes

The most common sizes for garage doors are as follows:

A single garage door is typically around eight feet in width by seven feet in height, or 9 feet long by 7 feet high. In contrast, double garage doors are typically 16 feet wide and 7 feet in height.

For three-car garage doors, the dimensions are a bit different. The reason for this is that these doors can be constructed and arranged in a variety of various ways. While the majority of three-car garages are at 22 feet, 32 inches There are some that outdo that and are up to 30 feet in size.

What are the garage doors like in custom-built homes? They certainly have their own specifications regarding the garage door. The doors in these homes tend to be higher than the doors in normal homes.

The garage doors that are custom-built for custom homes are 9 feet wide and eight feet high. This is the measurement used applicable to single garage doors. However, for double garage doors typically, the measurement is 16 feet wide by 8 feet high.

The Correct Method to Measure the size of a Garage Door

There’s a method to determine the size of a garage door. It is not a good idea to go ahead and measure it with no understanding of what the procedure is. The first step of the procedure is to measure the width and height of the opening for the entrance.

Be sure to be measured in the garage, not out of the garage. Additionally, you don’t have to add the jamb into the measurement. Next, you need to determine the headroom. This is the space in between ceilings and the opening of the door.

You may also wish to measure the space that is within the walls of your garage as well as the doors’ sides. The final step is to determine the distance between the wall behind and the door opening of the garage.

How to Pick the Best Garage Door

How do you pick the best garage door? There are a variety of considerations you should consider. Consider that your house has the flexibility in choosing the ideal garage door. You’ll need to choose the exact size of the garage door you’ll require and then look at the price and decide whether you can pay for it. It might add what you know about the sizes of garage doors. Learn more about Garage Door Installation in Rockwall TX.

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